Tom Ullian
NPsights, Co-Founder
Posted June 1, 2012


What NPsights Can Do For You


We are excited to welcome and introduce you to NPsights.  Our team has been hard at work over the last 24 months brainstorming, researching, designing and developing a unique and meaningful online professional social network experience for Nurse Practitioners.  Through hundreds of hours of interviews with associations, industries serving the healthcare profession and most importantly, Nurse Practitioners, we have created a cutting edge social network platform that will change the way Nurse Practitioners use the web to connect with peers, mentors and experts, share evidence based solutions on clinical and non-clinical work related issues, and engage with and influence the industries supporting their profession.


Each of our team members have their own reasons for taking part in this journey but the one reason we all share is our commitment in trying to make a difference in the work lives of those Nurse Practitioners who provide compassion, dedication and great care to the people they serve every day.  It is in this spirit that we are proud to offer NPsights as a free resource.


Through member-to-member, member-to-group and member-to-expert communication, NPsights enables Nurse Practitioners to collaborate with those who can make a difference in their work life.  It’s anonymous so Nurse Practitioners have a safe place to ask their questions and get resolution to work related issues and challenges.


To make the site more effective, Nurse Practitioners can interact only with those in their area of specialization or with those outside their area of specialization when necessary.  Whether it is to discuss clinical or non-clinical issues, gather information from those who might have more experience or updated knowledge in a particular area, or just to stay abreast of the latest discussions in their area of specialization, NPsights provides an easy to use (even for those more technically challenged) professional community for Nurse Practitioners.


In addition to the above, NPsights offers market research opportunities for the industries supporting the healthcare profession.  By participating in this market research, members will earn money by engaging with the industries serving them – enabling Nurse Practitioners to help shape the products they use and services they receive.  This market research opportunity provides Nurse Practitioners a voice with the industries supporting them.


Nurse Practitioners will receive achievement points redeemable for rewards for their participation on the site.  By helping their peers and being engaged on the site, members will be rewarded through the NPsights achievement program.  It is another way of NPsights making sure Nurse Practitioners are appreciated and recognized for their efforts.


On behalf of the NPsights team, we thank you for your participation and we look forward to serving our membership, evolving our site and making a difference to our Nurse Practitioner members.

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