Jay Levenson, Co-Founder

Jay’s true interests are in helping employees develop professionally and in finding ways to make their work life better. NPsights provides Jay the opportunity to pursue his interests while working with a committed, hard working and devoted group of healthcare professionals.


Prior to NPsights, Jay was a lawyer specializing in employee relations. He left the legal profession to pursue his entrepreneurial interests and use his training in resolving employment related matters. Together with Tom Ullian, he built a successful global manufacturing company. During his tenure, Jay ran all aspects of the company including Sales, Engineering, Production, Customer Service and Human Resources. Eventually Jay and Tom sold the company enabling Jay to pursue his true interests in helping professionals grow and get resolution to work related issues.


Tom Ullian, Co-Founder

During a family member’s battle with a terminal illness, Tom was overwhelmed with the care, compassion and dedication displayed by the healthcare professionals involved with his family. He also witnessed first hand the struggles these healthcare professionals face in the work place every day. Determined to give something back and make a difference, Tom co-founded NPsights which provides the biggest platform to improve the way healthcare professionals collaborate, share insights and resolve work related issues using the web.


Prior to NPsights, Tom spent 16 years on Wall Street where he was a member of the leadership team overseeing the 1,200 person global Investment Banking Division. His responsibilities included managing the careers of hundreds of bankers and resolving employee related problems. He then joined Jay to run their prior venture and helped to grow the company into a successful global corporation.


Matt Troutman, CTO

Matt brings over 10 years of Information Technology experience to the team. He has focused his career developing web based applications that engage an audience and allow extensive collaboration which is key to what NPsights strives to do for Health Care Professionals. Technical Customer Support is also one of Matt’s key assets as he understands the importance of interacting with end users one-on-one to ensure they receive the best service possible, and, above all, he truly enjoys it.


Kristen Holstead, Marketing

Prior to joining NPsights, Kristen worked with Jay and Tom at their previous venture where Kristen enjoyed much success leading the company’s marketing effort. Kristen was thrilled to team up with them again to provide her expertise to a deserving target market – nurses.


When giving birth to her first child, Kristen was overwhelmed with the care and support she received from the healthcare professionals on duty. Without them by her side, her experience would never have been the same. Now as a mother, she understands the importance of developing a close relationship with healthcare professionals who share a concern for her child’s health and knows she will put her trust in then professionals throughout the coming years.